Shivani Singh : Asia Pacific Queen

Mrs. India 1st Runner up, India Exquisite Pageant, 2016- 2017 is also Blessed Mom, a passionate paper crafter, model and photographer by heart with a blend of corporate experience.

She is a renowned name in the World of Glamour, Modeling and pageants of national and international fame. A face to reckon with through the cover pages of many Lifestyle magazines, she has many number of awards and recognition to her credit apart from Beauty and Pageant titles.

Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh

(TIE-CON Speaker, Asia Pacific Queen, Exquisite Goodwill Ambassador, WOTFA Winner, Tiara girl)

Shivani is an enthusiastic person interested in exploring new opportunities and challenges,a happy goer who believes in collaborative work approach. Being a blessed mother of two angles-Saanvi&Chaitanya, her life is an inspiration for millions of women globally. She even practices painting as a hobby and is always ready to demonstrate her creativity. Her artistic talent came to forefront when during her visit to the stall of Artwaley, during an event. Here she offered to do an artwork for them. The beautiful painting done by her, portrayed a valuable message “Be You”. Her handicrafts venture under the name: MAGICKRAFTS is also a successful project undertaken by her and the list of satisfied clients are spread across countries including USA, Qatar, Dubai, Australia, London and also many parts of India.

Shivani has been actively involved with a social cause to make India a Child Begging Free Nation,an initiative started by Ashish Sharma. She came up in full support for him and took an extra initiative to spread the word around. The event involved 500 plus organizations & was managed by the “Duayen Foundation”.  She has always been a great contributor for uplifting of the downtrodden and the betterment of society at large. Shivani, the quintessential role model, standing tall and with a face and body to die for, is one of very few Mrs. India Exquisite winners to represent the Indian modelling industry on an international platform.

She is ever grateful to people associated with her for their everlasting support and belief. Being able to achieve so much in such a small time Shivani is truly humbled and grateful to God for all that she has achieved. She is indebted to her parents for showing confidence in her.

She feels great to see a woman doing so much to empower and motivate other women and is impressed by the few people who work to change the mindset of the community.She has also received the award of Indian Icon – Role Model during the 86th edition of AIAC Excellence Awards 2017 .

Shivani is a winner, inspirer and path-breaker, all blended in one soul. Even after achieving so much, her talent as an environmentalist came to forefront when she played an instrumental role in saving more than 10,000 trees. She is not only a beauty queen but also a highly educated professional. Her academic qualifications enabled her to find an important role in Aptech ltd. She currently heads the Authoring & Quality division in Aptech ltd.

Being religious at heart she believes if we pray from the purest of our soul to God,we can be sure to make remarkable differences in the contribution towards the perfection of our own self and the surroundings. It’s her appeal for everyone to pledge to make an honest attempt to it.

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