Shaveta Athwal: Mrs Universe 2017 Princess 4

Shaveta Athwal, is an optimistic and a strong-willed woman. She has won the coveted title of Mrs Universe 2017 IVth princess in Durban, South Africa on 2nd September,2017 after competing with other eighty-five amazing contestants who came from across the world and in the 40 years of Mrs. Universe pageant history, became the first Indian woman to win this position and bring laurels to the country.

Mrs. Universe 2017 Princess 4, Mrs India -She is India 2017 Winner, Image Consultant (WADEE).

Shaveta Athwal
Shaveta Athwal


She also won the most prestigious award of ‘Best National Costume’, which brings pride to our country ‘INDIA’.She finds herself immensely privileged and filled with gratitude to get an opportunity to represent our country on a world stage.To be able to showcase the intrinsic qualities of India to the world at large,is what she considers to be her greatest achievement.

Belonging to a state called ‘Abode of God’ Haryana in India and her strongest source of motivation is her family who is always there to enlighten her path with love and inspiration. Shaveta stands as a representative of many women from herstate and portrays the changing face of female empowerment in Haryana. She has a flair for reading and writing which enables her to put her best forward in motivational speeches with ease and spontaneity. Being an adventurous person by nature, sheenjoystravelling to different parts of the world. Observing the diverse culture and communities worldwide is what amazes her. she tries to bring out the best from everything she comes across. To come up to the expectations from own self andothers, practisingpunctuality is herintrinsic virtue. she firmly believes if we value our own time and that of others too, it is but obvious that time would value us.

Being an Image Consultant by profession, her job is to transform and uplift people so that they can walk every path of their life with a positive self-image inside out and achieve success in all their roles and goals of life. She specifically believes that each one of us has inside of him/her a piece of good news. The good news is that we do not know how great we can be, how much we can love, what we can accomplish and what our potential is. Thus, her job is to help people realize their own potential and add on to their inner strength and self esteem.

Being humble and grounded is what she practices as a routine. Achieving such laurels at an early age has given her great exposure and opportunities to interact with people from different walks of life. Gradually, she gained self-confidence and discovered her leadership and communication skills. More importantly, all this has made her realize the value of practical experience.

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