Seema Nayyar : Mrs. Bharat Icon Platinum 2017

Seema Nayyar is a person who is all about good vibes, high goals, amazing experiences, more of happiness and less of pain, but staying focused on things that matter. Whenever she gets a chance, Seema connects with people for whom she can make a difference.

Seema Nayyar
Seema Nayyar

Currently she is associated with ~ We Care Compassion24 ~ an NGO working for social welfare of citizens, women empowerment, youth annexes’, girl child adoption. With Team 3C , to promote development of rural technologies, and, upliftment of people. Off-late she is actively participating with RANG HIMALAYA, a community that empowers people by engaging them in creative endeavors that will broaden their social, cultural and environmental awareness
Born in Muzaffarpur –Bihar, blessed with 4 siblings, her parents always wanted to impart good education tot heir children. Boarding schools at a young age helped her in being independent since child-hood, and, made her even more responsible. She completed her graduation in 1995 and post-graduation in management studies in 1997.Seema Worked for a few consulting companies and got married into a Panjabi family. Have now been married for over 19 years, travelled quite a few places within the country and got exposed to the different culture and values of the societies and of course made a lot of friends.
Priorities changed when she entered parent-hood and was blessed with a daughter who is now 16. My daughter and husband have been the wind beneath my wings, they motivated me to get out of my routine and try something that I have never done before.
Seema probes people to reflect- “When was the last time they did something for the first time”
Over the last 19 years while along with being conscious on her health however she was always fascinated with the fashion, health, beauty and glamour world. Coming across an event Mrs. Bharat Icon 2017 on the social media was another milestone in her life’s journey. She convinced herself to participate in the same also her family was extremely supportive in experimenting with something that she had never done before. She put in a lot of hard-work and rejuvenated herself to recreate her worth.
Preparing for the pageant was not easy, Beauty pageants are all about displaying the best aspects of yourself. You’re already beautiful and capable, but winning a beauty pageant takes effort.
As she prepared for pageant, Seema also realized that true beauty is not only to look gorgeous by face and body. But it is the reflection of your beautiful soul with a beautiful heart.
Her Key to Success Mantras sums up to practicing – Positive Attitude, Confidence, Charisma, Reading Habits, Being Focused, Happy & Content.

She proclaims: We need to value ourselves. It’s important to accept and love who you are. Do things that truly make you happy. Just be yourself. We all are one. Be unstoppable and just fly, soar higher and higher, Rise & Roar. Don’t limit yourself. Be Unstoppable. Take your health & fitness seriously.

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