Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple

Goshala Rd, Near Jankiballabh Shatri Lane, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 842001

Chaturbhuj Temple, situated in Muzaffarpur, is famous for its spirituality and faith. In 1303 century, in a village called “Turki”, a big idol of “Lord Chaturbhuj” was found. People started worshipping the lord with full devotion but it seems the lord desired something else! There was a saint who was a great worshipper of Lord Shiva and was also responsible for establishing a “Shivling” at the present Muzaffarpur (which was a village at that time).

“Lord Chaturbhuj” came in his dreams and asked him to place him near “Lord Shiva” as he was not comfortable at Turki. The saint brought the idol, all the way from Turki to Muzaffarpur, on foot which was a reflection of his faith and worship. “Lord Chaturbhuj” was established beside “Lord Shiva” under a tree and since then his regular worship started. There was a man from Patna, who was another great worshipper of the lord. Lord came in his dreams and asked him to build a temple for him and he will get lots of fame and that he would be blessed with a child (he was childless). It was done as directed and today we have the magnificent and beautiful Chaturbhuj Temple.

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