Baba Garibnath Temple

Shree Garibnath Mandir, Purani Bazar Road, Garib Asthan Rd, Muzaffarpur, Bihar 842001

Baba Garibnath Temple situated in Muzaffarpur town is undoubtedly one of the most famous “Lord Shiva” temples ! Its history goes like this-There was a Landlord in ancient times who owned the land where the present temple is. There was a huge Banyan tree in the premises of the temple which provided shade and relief to many people. Unfortunately due to bad financial condition the Landlord had to sell his house to another person. The new owner seemed not too interested in Banyan tree so he ordered it to be cut down to clean the premises. While cutting the tree a “Shivling” was found within it, which got partly damaged due to the swing of the axe, and red water started oozing out from the “Shivling”! The Landlord was quite disturbed after seeing this and was not able to sleep for the entire night. In the morning “Baba Garibnath” appeared in his dreams and said that he was Baba Garibnath-one who has great sympathy for poor. He ordered him to establish the “Shivling” at the same place and call one of his great Devotees “Shri Shivdhari Pathak” of Chapra district to regularly worship and take care of the temple. It was done exactly as told by “Baba” and since that day “Baba Garibnath Temple” is famous for granting the fulfillment of the wishes of its devotees. It is also called second “Baidhnath”.

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