Do you connect with GOD ! ! !

Since time immemorial this paradox has been daunting our grey mater……..Where is GOD??
Some call him Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva for others he smiles as lord Christ, for few he is the mighty Allah yet for others the holy gurus! But have we ever thought has ever anyone seen any of these forms? But surely all of us have seen a child blossoming inside a mother’s womb, a seedling growing in a plant and later a huge shadowy tree, a bird heating it’s eggs before hatching, a river emerging from a waterfall ,a rainbow cascading rainy blue sky…….first cry of a baby after detaching from the umbilical cord!!In all these instances and many more lies GOD!

God is that supreme power who does not require any form or any name nor any divisions. He is the one who lies within us….within the deepest folds of our heart and psyche! There is a famous tale stating conversation between god and man before mankind emerged.
Man asked God-Almighty after starting my mortal cycle on earth how will I find you and how will I recognize you because Alas my memory would be blank then and I would be totally unaware of the fact that I emerged from you.
God replied-My dear Son it is true that you would not remember a thing about your true entity but you will be very intelligent and will try to find me everywhere .For this reason I will hide myself within you so that your search ends whenever you peep inside yourself!!!

You connect with god….you touch god whenever you introspect your soul. This is the only way to connect with god ….by being a pious soul. If you wipe the tears of a distressed person you connect with god, if you help a blind person cross road you connect with god, if you help a poor puppy find it’s way back home you connect with him, if you console a mother who recently lost her child you connect with god!!These and many more instances lead you closer to god and this path is the only way to CONNECT with god. Even if one chant’s million chimes and utter thousand mantras a day but if he has not washed his soul with pious water he will never be able to connect with god!!

Go down the memory lane and examine your soul. Is it diseased or has the thick materialistic dust blackened it. Wipe that dust ….diagnose the soul and make it fully healthy and functional. Open your eyes and wake from that deep slumber .Sense the cool air, get nostalgic with the first smell of earth during rains, kiss the first ultraviolet rays of sunlight…..go back from where you emerged…..go back to life and find happiness in small happenings in life. Be contented and at peace with yourself because only if your soul has eaten happiness and drank contentment only then it can teach others how to do it.And once you master this art you will directly Connect with God!

In this fast paced times, new age problems like depression, insomnia ,alcoholism etc have become as common cough and cold and the medicines prescribed to fight these ailments are eating away mind and soul .Instead of wasting such precious time and energy in finding alternative treatment if the patient just spends some time connecting with god in the ways mentioned above ,gradually all these new age friends of his will fly out of window.

Lastly, we should all remember that this precious life is to be utilized rightly as we all have emerged from god and we have to answer god one day for all our blacks and whites! It is very truly quoted by a famous poet of his times-“Woods are lovely, long and deep,
But we have promises to keep.
And miles to go before we sleep,
And miles to go before we sleep”!!!

Pallavi Prakash

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